Wait! HTC Desire is going to have a Gingerbread update after all!

16 June 2011


HTC were only joking when they said they weren't going to do an update! Honest they were! Yes, there is an issue with memory space on the phone, but they're going to perform an application cull instead so there's lots of lovely room for Android 3.1 Gingerbread.

Oh. That's not exactly idea either is it?

The statement reads: "To resolve Desire's memory issue and enable the upgrade to Gingerbread, we will cut select apps from the release. Look for status updates starting next week. We apologise for any confusion."

Now, the issue here is about apps. Are HTC Desire owners going to be able to choose which apps are going to be nixed from phones?

Google will be taking a lot of flak for this, but you have to wonder why HTC put such a small amount of memory space in a smartphone in the first place. Lets not forget, this is supposed to be a high-end phone and it is only a year old. This is certainly hurting the Android brand and invariably making iPhone users laugh like drains.

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  • PokeHerPete
    Old news BitterWallet! Don't you know HTC have done another U-turn and said no again?
  • Tweedskin
    HTC are talking about the apps they bundle into HTC Sense, they're the ones that will be cut, such as "Stocks," "soundhound," "news and weather", etc. To be honest, it's mostly bloatware crap any way so good on em!
  • greg
    htc: publicly retarded. android: utter dogshit
  • Tweedskin
    Judging by your inability to use capital letters, I'm guessing you're the same Android hater as one sarah jenkins. If you look at HTC's recent financial reports, you'll see that they have actually beaten their own forecasts for the last 4 quarters (at least) by several million (possibly billion) dollars. I wouldn't call a company that can do that "publicly retarded". You'll also note that since Android hit the market a few years ago, it has steadily stolen marketshare from other manufacturers such as Nokia, RIM, and yes, Apple. I wouldn't call that utter dogshit. And I think you'll find that it's spelt "Quietly brilliant".....not publicly retarded.
  • Phil
    Well said Tweedskin. @greg - go and get a life.
  • blah
    Article is wrong....Honeycomb is 3.0/3.1 Gingerbread is 2.3 @greg....shut up numpty.
  • Brandon H.
    I am happy with this. I dont use weather to tell me what i can see by looking out of the window. Stocks and news might be useful to some, but there are seperate 3rd party apps that can easily do the job with widgets included. I wouldnt use money spinning apps like soundhound or amazon mp3. As for the stock apps, i use chompsms or handcent instead of the stock sms and opera instead of the main browser. The advantage of using replacement apps like these is that they can be installed to sd card rather than given no storage option like the stock equivalent.
  • keith o.
    LOL. Android fails again. What a cheapo phone for chavs.
  • Phil
    @keith owens - using a different name then greg? Android is the preferred OS in my office (70% compared to 20% iOS) and we are all well paid software developers so that statement is just dumb.
  • Mark H.
    I use an Android phone (a San Francisco) but I'm no fan of it's update mechanism. With iOS you connect your phone to your computer (this step isn't required with iOS 5) and the any update downloads and installs. Compare this to Android where you have to wait for the phone manufacturer to release an appropriate version (which can take many, many months) if they bother to at all. It's a mess. Also the main reason Android has such market share is because Google can afford to give it away for free. It's a decent phone OS but it's not far and away the best by any means - it's just cheap for phone manufacturers to install and has the Google name behind it.
  • Ben
    Mark H, Are you suggesting the iPhone will magic an update not released by the phone manufacturer? Both are the same, they install what updates are available. congratulations iOS 5 can update over the air. My android's done that for years.
  • Tweedskin
    @ Mark H What you are referring to in iOS 5 is an ability, that many devices have had for years, is called OTA updates or "over the air". It means that I don't have to plug my phone and can update quite easily over WiFi or (if I have enough battery and a solid data connection) over 3G. Just because Apple have finally implemented doesn't make it special or magical as Mr Jobs would lead you to believe. The reason for the delays in Android updates is down to the multitude of devices running the OS. There are hundreds, each with different processors, memory storage, etc. Apple can update easily because there are only 4 (soon to be 5) iPhone devices, all with similar specs. This means that your update can run on the lowest common denominator...e.g the first iPhone. Although Android is a very fragmented ecosystem, I'm happier knowing the the latest software build has been built utilizing all of my devices capabilities, rather than software that has been built to run on the lowest spec'd device.
  • Steve
    Jesus, we knew about this yesterday! Where the fuck are you getting your info from Bitterwallet? Mobot?
  • greg
    htc won't work for me, it is retarded because it won't fit in my ass, unlike the contents of my fruit bowl, tool box and utensil draw - it's all about the 'A' for me!
  • The B.
    @Mark H, the Apple update process is a travesty, I used to have a 3G before my Desire, every single time I updated my phone it would take 3 attempts before it updated properly and didn't simply brick the phone, on 3 separate occasions updating itunes and the iphone at the same time resulted in my losing the backups as itunes corrupted itself while performing the iphone update. Better still, my mum has an ipod and I get a call every time she updates it because yet again it's fallen flat on it's face trying to update, the iGeniuses keep blaming it on the USB, she's now on her third and it's not made a blind bit of difference. Why would anyone want to have Android 3.1 on their phone? It's for tablets.
  • Tweedskin
    @ The Real Bob Because Bitterwallet are wrong! They need to take out reference to 3.0/3.1, the update will be to Gingerbread 2.3.x (2.3.3 is the latest build).
  • Noghar
    Fanboi flouncing aside, I was going to get the new HTC Sensation till I learned it would have less onboard memory than the Samsung Galaxy S2. I liked my Desire but it never lasted more than a day and it kept running out of space for apps (I had to keep refusing to install the latest Flash updates) even with everything possible moved to the SD. I do like HTC's kit, its build quality and their customer service, but if they keep skimping on memory like this they'll regret it. (My new SGS2 has loads of room for apps, is three times as fast as the Desire and last twice as long. A very worthy upgrade if anyone's considering it. Sorry to wander OT.)
  • Mark H.
    Yes hardware fragmentation is Android's Achilles heal and also one of it's strengths. The Apple way is to control the hardware and this brings with it many advantages (stability, reliability etc) and also disadvantages (lack of choice, the price!). However I'd have an iPhone if I could justify the expense. If they ever bring out a cheaper version I'd ditch my Android handset in a flash as I'm sure many other people would too.
  • Mike U.
    Apple are a load of shit flingers, ditched my 3G for a Desire and never looked back, I now have a Desire HD and after rooting and installing a custom rom have over 1GB to install apps, last count I had 97 apps loaded and still have 950MB left I ran a real world benchmark against iPhone 4 in the office and I left it at the starting blocks iPhone will it blend?, course it will because thats the only thing its good for
  • Jonny R.
    @Tweedskin Although Android is a very fragmented ecosystem, I’m happier knowing the the latest software build has been built utilizing all of my devices capabilities, rather than software that has been built to run on the lowest spec’d device. Not true i'm afraid. IOS5 will be able to run only on thr 3GS and the 4G as well as any upcoming phones so not the lowest spec'd device which would have been the iphone 2G and 3G models. yes the over the air update isnt anything new but it will put another feature that should have been on the phone bringing it closer to a complete phone. What i believe the original poster was aspiring to say is that with the OTA updates any holes, security exploits etc are fixed and sorted by Apple within days or at a max weeks not months and months like Android which i realise is due to the different models/manafacturers and their own versions of the O/S with their branding/apps all over it. A simple fact that 99.7% Of Android handsets are vulnerable to hacking straight out of the box (anything on 2.3.3 and earlier) shows the need to bring this updating technology together for android sooner rather than later or at least allow minor updates that will be able to patch holes (maybe 2.3.31 etc). Until they can do this they are leaving themselves wide open to these sort of major failures which in turn leaves any handsets which wont get an update (such as what "WAS" happening to the Desire) with a huge security flaw in it. P.S. I have both an iphone and an android (tablet) http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/05/16/android_impersonation_attacks/
  • Mark H.
    @ Mike Unt 'after rooting and installing a custom rom have over 1GB to install apps' Good for you but most people just want a phone that works without that kind of effort.
  • TimB
    @Mark H: I haven't made that kind of effort. My Desire HD has 72 apps, and still 650MB free for more, plus any that I decide to stick on my SD card instead. That's out of the box, never rooted or touched. Actually, that's a lie. It's had an update a few weeks ago. I forgot about it because I didn't need to connect it to my PC or do any messing around to install it - it just told me it was there, waited quietly until I had a wifi connection so it wouldn't kill my data allowance, and updated itself. In fact, I don't think I've ever had cause to connect my phone to my PC to do any kind of sync or update. Some people just want a phone that works without that kind of effort.
  • Mark H.
    @ TimB Which is nice but it doesn't help myself and millions of others who are stuck on an outdated and vulnerable version of the OS.
  • Sawyer
    @Phil: You could have left out the bit about being well-paid software developers. The fact that you conducted a survey of OS percentage share in your office says it all.
  • Install D.
    [...] HTC customarily can’t make adult a mind about updates for a strange HTC Desire. First it was removing Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), then it wasn’t since there wasn’t adequate memory, and a subsequent day they changed their minds again. [...]
  • hunt_red_october
    @phil @Sawyer i'm a big fan of the HTC Desire - warts and all - and like the idea of being able to install ANY app I choose and use Flash enabled websites. The iPhone just doesn't cut it... but don't be overly confident regarding the capabilities of software developers, well paid or not! (I'm not sure if you could tell, but I work in QA, but i'm not bitter, oh no, not bitter at all.... :-))
  • bertiebr
    This is ridiculous... we are in to 2012, the 'year of future', and still I have a permanent 'low storage space' icon in my notifications, and Froyo running on my Desire.

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