VW say sorry for emissions scandal again

6 January 2016

Volkswagen-Logo Volkswagen are again saying sorry for all that business with the emissions scandal, but this time, they decided to launch two cars while they were there. Nothing like an apology that comes with a sales pitch, eh?

They launched two new electric cars at CES 2016 - the e-Golf Touch and a microbus vehicle called Budd-E. This, they assure everyone, shows their absolute commitment to zero emissions. However, they were supposed to be committed to that while cheat software was being installed in some of their cars, so forgive us for not getting out the party hats.

Speaking at the dweeb event, head of the VW passenger brand Herbert Diess kicked off his speech by saying: "For more than 60 years Volkswagen has been at home in the US. The issue with diesel engines is nothing to be proud of, we disappointed…the American people, for which I am truly sorry."

It is worth pointing out that the CES event is in Las Vegas, which is why the Americans got a special apology. Diess added that there were 8.5m affected cars in Europe, which he said will be fixed this year. "We are committed to making things right and ensuring something like this could never happen again,” he added.

And then, he showed off the cars which are part of the "new Volkswagen".

So what's the deal? The e-Golf was referred to as a "smartphone on wheels", because it is operated by voice controls and has no buttons. You'll have to say things like "Hey Volkswagen!" and waft your hands around a bit. It'll have a digital interface which will be filled with all manner of apps so you can play music, take calls, or whatever. The e-Golf Touch is going to be on sale at some point in 2016.

The Budd-E, meanwhile, is a concept vehicle, which is fully electric. Apparently, the Budd-E’s 101-kWh battery pack will give you 373 miles of driving, and can be charged to 80% in half an hour.

Here's what it looks like.

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  • Mike
    I wish VW would demonstrate their commitment to zero emissions... from their mouths, like.

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