Volvo show-off 'human machine interface' or: A Tablet Lodged In A Dashboard

27 February 2014

Volvo have gleefully announced their new "human machine interface" which will be shown off at the Geneva Motor Show.

You get a screen embedded into your dashboard which is divided into tiles. Most prominently, there's information on navigation, media and stuff about your car and secondary features for messing about with your phone and the temperature of your vehicle.

Volvo say that this new dash 'reduces visual noise'. To you, it looks like someone put a tablet in the dashboard, which is pretty snazzy.

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  • Big M.
    Reminds me of the old Nissan Primera AC controls, an absolute cunt to work at first and still worse than a couple of dials for fan settings. At least there was a simple dial to set the climate control temp. This seems far worse.

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