Volvo introduce 100 self-driving cars, yet somehow, still quite boring

3 December 2013

volvo Sweden is set to willingly welcome 100 self-driving Volvos in the world's first large-scale autonomous driving project. The Swedish government think cars that drive themselves will be good for the whole of society and aren't at all concerned about fast moving, autonomous death cylinders moving around the streets, filled with drunk Swedes.

The project that will begin in 2014 and use around 50km of roads with the first robot cars in Gothenburg by 2017.

However, as this involves a load of Volvos, it is incredibly difficult to get excited about the whole thing. If anyone dies during this experiment, it will inevitably be through boredom. Why can't Subaru or Ferrari do one of these tests? 130mph cars with no driver is clearly going to be more fun that Volvos that bring their own leather stringback driving gloves.

Anyway, Volvo technical specialist Erik Coelingh said that the aim is for the cars to be able to handle all possible traffic scenarios by themselves, which means tackling commuter routes, leaving the traffic flow and finding a safe spot if the driver is unable to regain control.

The 'Drive Me' project focuses on how driverless cars bring societal and economic benefits through improving traffic efficiency and road safety.

Wonder if drivers will still angrily shout at cyclists in their sleep? Or will the cars do that for them too?


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  • james
    Swedes can't afford to get drunk, the price of alcohol there is through the roof.
  • sid
    All cars are boring. It's just that some sad people find them interesting.
  • Daisy D.
    Leather stringback driving gloves?? Given that Volvo is now Chinese, you're more likely to find a snack bag of ducks' beaks in the door pocket.
  • Old G.
    Does that mean you find lederhosen and knackwursts in BMW's and Mini's?

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