Vodafone to give Sony Xperia Play (aka Playstation Phone) away for free

22 March 2011

sony xperia play playstation phoneVodafone are going to give the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (or, the PlayStation phone if you prefer) away for free. Isn't that swell?

Of course, this is under the provision that you sign up for a two-year contract with £35-or-more monthly subscription.

If you want a cheaper contract, then you'll need to think about whether you'd like to pay £99 on a £30pm tariff or £199 on a £25pm package. If you want it Sim-free (not from Vodaphone mind you), it'll set you back £500.

If you get your order before the end of the month (that'd be April if you're reading this in the future), Vodafone will give you a free stand.

The phone itself comes with pre-loaded games, which are Crash Bandicoot, Fifa 10, Star Battalion, Tetris, Sims 3 and Bruce Lee and it runs on Android. There's a chance Apple might be looking nervously at this release.

The spec of the phone is decent too, with a 4 inch touchscreen, a 1GHz ARM chip on the inside, along with a 5.1Mp camera and tri-band 3G HSPA connectivity as well as an 8GB storage card.

The only news we need now is when Vodafone are going to actually release the thing. Rumour has it that you'll be able to get your hands on one by the end of this month.

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  • Phil
    Yes but its a SE phone and they have a proven track record of messing up and dropping phones support within 6 months of launch (Satio, X10, X1 etc) - Go and read up on their past performances (The product launch blog comments are always revealing) before parting with your cash....
  • Jenson_Slim
    Or you could tell vodafone to shove it and get it free on a £25 per month O2 contract from a retailer. http://www.comparemobiledeals.com/mobile-phones/Sony-Ericsson/XPERIA-Play Not is stock yet but there are better deals out there than the one quoted above. Cant wait to see the battery life on this thing, bet its absolutely cack.
  • youngyy
    Who are vodaphone? /pedant
  • Touchwood
    Typo in title - Vodafone not Vodaphone
  • Jannich
    I genuinely do not hope that the hackers will get access to the playstation 3s! With 50 million multicore CPU's at their disposal, they could wreak mayhem!

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