Vodafone's Sure Signal - not so sure of itself afterall

VodafoneVodafone's official line on their Sure Signal product is that it's supposed to give you "a strong mobile phone signal in your home - no matter where you live," before adding, "If you live in a mobile signal blackspot - places in the UK where mobile operators are unable to give customers a strong enough signal in their homes - Sure Signal is for you."

You've probably guessed that this is going to be one of those articles that points out the failings of said promise.

Customers have stumped up £50 on the promise of getting a connection over their own ADSL line, when there's no wireless service available. However, they have been left facing repeated disconnections and slowdowns of the service as Vodafone seemingly finds itself unable to integrate their mobile phone network with the internet.

Sure Signal boxes have been playing up of late and now Vodafone's forums are filled with annoyed people complaining of connection failure.

The Register spoke to Vodafone about the problem and they said: "Some customer[sic] will have noticed changes in their Sure Signal service for short periods of time over the last few days during planned maintenance upgrades".

It seems that this might not strictly be the case as customers have faced continual outage that can at times last several hours. Quite why Vodafone didn't deem it sensible to warn customers of any "planned maintenance upgrades" is another matter entirely.

Have you had any hassle with Vodafone?

Vodafone Sure Signal gives you a strong mobile phone signal in your home - no matter where you live. Using your home broadband, it boosts the signal throughout your house for up to four people at the same time. And it's really easy to set up.

Do you need Sure Signal?

If you live in a mobile signal blackspot - places in the UK where mobile operators are unable to give customers a strong enough signal in their homes - Sure Signal is for you. You just need home broadband with a minimum line speed of 1Mbps, plus a 3G mobile phone.


  • FatalException
    You have to love the way SureSignal is simply selling users' broadband back to them. Use your landline or PC, you idiots.
  • Pipster
    The wife bought a Sure Signal for her Iphone as we found we were getting no signal for her to receive calls let alone the internet (we live in a semi rural area.... we DO have a kebab van!), the guy in the store knew the area we lived in and assured us it was a plug and play product. No such luck...took 3 days to sort out and that ended up being sheer fluke (to be honest i STILL don't know how it suddenly came to life). In those 3 days i checked out the Internet Forums and found Vodaphone less than useful to the point that they told me to talk to the manufacturer of my router (who obviously just giggled and pointed me back to vodafone)... Personally i was disappointed with the support offered, BUT it does do the job for us atleast. As for long term, we've had it 2 months now with no issues at all. Basically, keep the receipt just in case.
    The idea is good however the execution is very very poor. Vodafone clearly have a problem with this product and seem to adopt the approach that if it works great if not then talk to the router manufacturer .... its not us !!!
  • PW
    Is FatalException on this planet or not? He's the idiot! How the heck do you send and receive text messages on your mobile using your landline, you dunce. It's an essential requirement to use your mobile, in a no signal area, even if the Sure Signal is not reliable, at least there's some signal, and beats having to drive up the road to send and receive text messages! So FatalException keep you self opiniated comments to yourself, you're the idiot here!
  • Whatyouon
    Hello PW, Are you having a bad day? FatalException was quite right, why not use your land line and PC? You could use Skype to make cheap calls to mobiles or international and to send texts. To that fact there are many providers of this service. Your land line can receive text messages but I guess the point is why would you when you are at home? You have instant messaging, Facebook and other providers, email! Come on country bumpkin get with the technology.
  • gazzasmith
    my vodafone signal has always been poor at best , they couldn't find their arse from their elbow , shops always full wiv people complainin. im changing to bt or sky
  • Caffrey
    Vodaphone have to be the worst signal provider in the uk. Having got contract in Newcastle i found signal at home is random to say least, majority of time emergency calls only. I work away and in the large town in wales I live during week there is no Vodaphone coverage. When I complained they told me my contract only said I would get coverage at my home address (er its a mobile phone). After a while I complained that even at my home adress no signal so they sent me a sure signal box. Having followed all the instructions it is sitting there now, with the system light flashing after about 10 hours, Guess what the literature tells you what every light does and the problems they refer to, EXCEPT the continually flashing system light. World class company, you would be better off knocking something up in your garage. How do you get out of a contract with these cowboys.
  • Scott
    Who are these strange people suggesting using PC / landline etc? Do they not get any incoming calls? Do they not have any friends? Ah hang on...

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