Vodafone unveil smartphone wallet

27 February 2012

VodafoneFans of Egyptian political uprisings, Vodafone, have unveiled their take on the technology that will see smartphones users using their phones instead of cash or cards at the checkout.

This isn't going to be fraught with problems and scaremongering stories at all.

The mobile giant has teamed up with Visa and will allow users to pay for stuff with their mobile from Autumn. It'll work in the same way you use an Oyster card if you are unlucky enough to live in London. If you're from the North West, think of it as a posh Clipper Card.

The service uses a form of technology called Visa payWave mobile which is set to launch worldwide from early next year and will be based on a Visa prepaid account. You'll be able to swipe your phone for small items, whereas goods over £15 will require a pin code.

Vodafone chief executive Vittorio Colao said this new method of payment represents "the next stage of the smartphone revolution" which offered customers "speed, simplicity and convenience". Visa add that the service has "the potential to transform the way people pay and get paid the world over".

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  • Sawyer
    Isn't this identical to what Orange already offer - on two lousy handsets - with Mastercard? And in any case, only McDonalds and Caffe Nero seem to use the payWave/payPass things. Hardly a revolution. Kudos for the Clipper card reference though.
  • Mike H.
    Ace, more ways for the chavs to spend money they don't have, on shit they don't need.

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