Vodafone team up with Foreign Office to send warnings to customers heading for trouble

10 August 2011

VodafoneThose nice people at Vodafone (ha!) are piloting a service in partnership with the Foreign Office, which will send warnings to its customers in foreign countries where there's trouble.

We're talking about natural disasters and, ironically enough, civil unrest.

It's peculiar that the Foreign Office would want to have a partnership with just one company, as that excludes more people than it includes. It's peculiar even further, given that Vodafone are one of the most unpopular companies in the UK currently, after they managed to swerve a £7million tax bill which could have effectively saved our welfare state.

Vodafone's relationship with civil unrest isn't great either, as they were accused of closing down mobile networks in Egypt at the behest of a government trying to suppress information flowing between those trying to overthrow their government. Not that Vodafone see it like that, if you recall their self congratulatory commercial regarding the whole thing.

Weirder still is that the Foreign Office and Vodafone decided to announce this news in the middle of huge riots going on across England, which makes you wonder if the Home Office need to adopt a similar initiative with mobile providers.

Jeremy Browne, the foreign office minister, said the recent crises in Libya and Japan – where hundreds of Britons had to be airlifted to safety – had “demonstrated the need to deliver live travel safety messages to as many people as quickly as possible”.

“This new service is part of our vision to deliver better consular services more cost-effectively and we’re delighted to be working with Vodafone UK and a number of partners on the pilot.”

Seriously though. Have a word about the bloody tax bill while you're there, okay?

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  • Dick
    No doubt they are charging the FO £6 billion (I thought their tax bill was billions, not a paltry £7M) for running this service, so they can then say they have paid their tax in kind.
  • Bawbag
    Are you stil bangin on about the non-existant tax bill. It never existed, get over it.
  • Scott
    Great, now if i could just get vodafone coverage which is better than "S**t" i might i might get said warning.

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