Vodafone take shots at EE over 4G

26 October 2012

Voda-4G-ad-campaignThose lovely, not-at-all dreadful people at Vodafone have launched a high profile ad-campaign to try to downplay EE's forthcoming 4G launch.

This morning, the papers were filled with adverts by Vodafone, including cover-wrap adverts, crowing about their win at the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards for Best Network.

The ad said it was building 'a new ultra-fast network' called Vodafone 4G, that promises to deliver indoor coverage of 98%, which is a clear thumb in the eye to EE who promised outdoor 4G coverage of 98%.

Vodafone also pointed out that they already have a fibre network in place (following the acquisition of Cable & Wireless Worldwide), stating: "This means we can control our own quality of service in a way that other mobile networks just can't match." EE, meanwhile, is building its own fibre network.

In interviews with journalists yesterday, Vodafone UK CEO Guy Laurence said the network would be relying on low frequency from the forthcoming 4G auction in order to provide the 98% levels of coverage. The FT reported: "Indoor coverage is very important. We want to build our network on that. There is a difference between being at the leading edge and the bleeding edge."

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  • Roma
    It does smack of unfairness and against a level playing field for competition. It will be us consumers who will suffer by EE getting a head start. Wonder if some politicians have been leaned on by commercial incentives?
  • tin
    Well they've got a fookin long way to go. I just ditched voda because there was practically no indoor coverage at pretty much anywhere I went. On T-mobile now and it's not perfect by any means but it's a shedload better. All mobile phone companies just spout BS about their coverage/service/data rates all the time and wonder why the public are fucked off with all of them. Underpromise and overdeliver, not the other way around, bellends. EE won't get a headstart. Their coverage, pricing and allowances have already crippled any chances it has. Three could kill them just using their 3G network.
  • oliverreed
    Fuck off and pay your tax bills
  • Skymarshall
    It's not unfair at all. If the other companies free up their bandwidth as EE are doing, then they will get the go-ahead to do the same. Fact is.. they don't have the capability or capacity to do so.
  • Chewbacca
    @tin You're allowed to say "fucking" on here. It's not HUKD with all their foreigners who can't speak English but still get offended when you tell the cunts to fuck off back home...
  • The E.
    @Chewbacca It's about time you fucked off back to Kashyyyk then
  • Mancky
    Vodafone were voted the best - problem with bragging about it is when you then lose that vote or win the worst network vote you look like even bigget assholes, when they keep screwing ppl over with contract changes every six months it not unforseeable either. Cant wait....
  • The S.
    It is an Ofcom requirement that 4G coverage is 98% indoors, minimum of 95% indoor coverage in each of the nations of the UK, by 2017.
  • Truth
    Being a vodafone customer is like being in the wrong end of an abusive relationship.
  • tin
    @Chewbacca I know, I am sure I said it a whole fuck of a lot before.
  • tin
    @Chewbacca in fact, if you read the 2nd paragraph... :0
  • Mickey S.
    Changed to Vodafone in February and it's the slowest network i've ever been on, thankfully only a 12 month contract. I have no idea how they would win anything, expect longest instore queuing time.
  • Churwell O.
    Clearly Vodafone used the tax money they didn't pay to HMRC to bribe the judges on the panel who awarded them top spot, since my experience of them is poor to say the least. Should also point out that the only way to go from Top is down so don't be so smug.

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