Vodafone offers free unlimited data... for a bit.

5 October 2011

VodafoneVodafone are offering new and upgrading mobile customers a honest, no-strings unlimited data for a three-month period as they entice with their Data Test Drive which is available to anyone who signs up with the mobile provider or upgrades to a pay-monthly contract.

Once you've agreed to signing your life away to Vodafone and chosen your handset and price plan, you're then free to go on a data munching spree, downloading and using apps, streaming content and even tethering to other devices.

"Use the internet as much as you like," said Vodafone.

But only for three months. After that time, Vodafone will inform you how much data you've used and whether the plan initially chosen is suitable for you.

Vodafone are probably saying that this is all about helping the customer and finding the tariff that suits best. You are probably tutting and thinking that Vodafone will inevitably try to get you to sign up to a much higher data tariff which will cost you more.

And note the Vodafone offer's Ts&Cs: "The Three Month Data Test Drive is for data use in the UK only and does not apply to SIM only, mobile broadband and price plans where data is not included. If you move to a different price plan during the trial, sorry but the offer will not transfer to the new plan so you’ll be charged our standard data charges if you exceed your data allowance. Don’t forget after the 3 months if you exceed your UK data allowance our standard data charges will be applied."


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  • The B.
    Presumably "unlimited" is relative, seeing as I can very rarely get anything resembling 3G in central London you'd have to assume that it's all ball. This is only going to get worse if industry speculation is correct and Voda buy RIM.

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