Vodafone launches MiFi device... which is nice

Bitterwallet - Vodafone charge customers for inclusive textsVodafone, who we went toe-to-toe with not too long ago, have launched their own MiFi device called the R201. A crap but ultimately loveable droid from Star Wars? Nope.

As the more savvy but no-less avid readers of Bitterwallet will know, MiFi is the term used for wireless mobile broadband modems. Instead of plugging a dongle into your laptop, a MiFi creates a localised Wi-Fi hotspot for multiple devices to connect to.

3 already have one out, but Vodafone are now weighing in with a media touch with the inclusion of Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) technology. The device will enable you to store music, videos and photos on an SD card of up to 32GB in size, which can then be accessed via the R201 on their other devices. Thanks to shitty DRM, this means that content will only work on DLNA-certified devices.

The R201 will be made available in 'various countries' this year and you can buy it in the UK, as of now, on a £25 monthly price plan, which includes 5GB of data.

"By adding DLNA compatibility to the device, it becomes much more than a connection to the internet, by enabling users to connect to their other WiFi enabled DLNA devices and wirelessly share and enjoy their digital content, no matter where they are," says Vodafone's director of mobile broadband Huw Medcraft.

A handy little gadget for those who don't have the willpower to not get blind drunk whilst working away from home using a pub's free WiFi. That said, have a look at what 3 can offer before signing up to Vodafone, especially as 3 offers tariffs with far more generous plans.



  • Daniel Z.
    Nice 'up yours Vodafone' at the end there...
  • Alex
    Can BitterWallet please get back to the VF Mobile usage thing. There have been a lot of developments now.
  • Ballu
    the three mi-fi has a micro sd slot built in, accessible from any device on wifi... see no reason why the voda one is any better
  • Paul S.
    Thanks for letting us know Alex. Not sure if you emailed to let us know? We'll have a look into it.
  • The B.
    "£25 monthly price plan, which includes 5GB of data." Wow, they really do think people are stupid don't they?
  • Alex
    Hi Paul, I have not emailed you. I probably should have. To keep you informed, so you dont have to dig too much: - VF started sending out texts saying that new charges are due to start October 1st. This is basically our cancellation text. - VF are still saying they will look at each case individually, so a cancellation isnt guaranteed even tho I have been raping my usage! - Many people have not had their text sent to us, including me. Tom today said "within 6 weeks" everyone should get a text, even tho the charges begin on October 1st, and we need to let VF know that we want to cancel before the charges start! A letter from BW would be nice too. I have drafted mine, and im just waiting for this damn text.

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