Vodafone customers can roam EU for £3 a day

12 June 2012

VodafoneThere's been a lot of chat about roaming charges in recent months and soon, there is likely to be something of a price war between mobile operators as they aim to give you the best deal.

Not much use if you're like most people and can't be bothered going through the faff of changing what you use every time there's a marginally better deal on offer elsewhere.

Either way, customers of Vodafone Eurotraveller now get access to UK price plans across Europe for an extra £3 a day.

For your £3 extra, you'll be able to make calls, send texts and browse the web using your UK price plan with this bolt-on.

If you sign-up for the Vodafone Eurotraveller, you won't be charged for receiving texts and phone calls while you're in any country that falls into Vodafone’s Europe Zone. We've no idea which countries that encompasses, but if you sign-up for the service, you can ask. We're not doing all the leg work for you, you lazy toad.

So what does it all mean? Vodafone says that a user who made three 10 minute calls, sends 10 texts to the UK and uses 15MB of mobile data would only be charged £3 plus their home price plan rather than £17 on its existing roaming price structure.

If you're interested, call 5555 to opt-in. The £3 only gets charged when you're actually abroad.

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  • Noghar
    I got a text from O2 this morning saying in future it would be 50p to make or receive each call when roaming in the EU with the minutes taken out of my UK allowance. And that the cost of data would be capped at £1.99 a day. Which sounds like a good deal to me because my contract gives me unlimited data for something stupid like £5 a month. O wait this is Bitterwallet isn't it? I also get unlimited foxes to bum.

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