Vodafone announce 4G launch date

7 August 2013

vodafone Vodafone have revealed that they'll be launching their 4G service on 29th August to customers in London after investing £900m in the network. After that, it'll roll out in 12 other places, including Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield by the close of the year.

Prices will begin at £26 per month for a SIM only deal with a 12-month contract, which matches O2's offer, announced at the same time. Neither match EE's base tariff of £21 though.

Vodafone have teamed-up Spotify and Sky Sports for their launch, in a bid to offer additional content to 4G customers. They are also providing unlimited data-use within the UK for the first three months. After that, it will impose an eight gigabyte cap.

People have been critical of limits. "It's not just about speed issue but also capacity," said Matthew Howett, an analyst at the telecoms consultancy Ovum. "The higher frequency spectrum effectively has fatter pipes - you can get more data through them."

"When lots of people are using 4G to do things like streaming high definition video, it's important not just to have the availability of the signal but also that the pipe is wide enough to carry all that traffic."

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  • M4RKM
    8GB for £26 is better than 500MB for £21 or 1GB for £26 with EE...
  • Jeremy
    Last month I downloaded 287GB over a unlimited (in capacity) wired connection for £20. 4G is a waste of space.
  • Mustapha S.
    What the fuck is the point of 4g if you're going to cap it? Hopefully everyone will pile in to Threes one plan and vodafone, O2 and EE can bollocks.
  • fibbingarchie
    Wonder what the take-up rate will be amongst the unemployed and the food bank fuckers, claiming 4G access is a necessity.
  • Big M.
    That is a lot of porn Jeremy.

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