Vodafone allow customers to pay for cabs with their phones

4 May 2011


Vodafone have had a dodgy year in terms of press, which is why they're going on the charm offensive with people from That London.

The company are rolling out a fleet of taxis that allow customers to pay for their journeys via their mobile phones. You have to register for the service by calling 0845 680 3409 and make payments via SMS.

Or, you could simply use cash which seems to be a tried and tested method.

That's not all they're doing. There'll also be a number of cabs that will offer phone chargers, which of course, will be available to all who ride in a Hackney carriage, being yapped at by some tit who has apparently met every single famous person who has ever lived.

So, if you're running low on battery and need to get somewhere, keep an eye out for the Vodafone taxis with the Union Jack design.

Guy Laurence, Vodafone UK Chief Executive, says: “We are committed to offering London the best possible network. We have already made hundreds of improvements to increase coverage, capacity and reliability to ensure Londoners can always stay in touch with friends and family. Now with our fantastic fleet of Union Jack cabs and their on-board chargers which anyone can use, all Londoners will be able to see our continuing commitment to the capital.”

But a complete absence of commitment to anywhere else in the country. Great.

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  • Skymarshall
    Should the title not read: "Vodafone bums London."
  • The B.
    If the taxis are run like their data network, you'll never be able to find one, when you do it'll be slower than walking and then they'll change the pricing structure 15 times during your journey.
  • The h.
    How much to my nearest tax haven, kind Vodafone cabbie?

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