Virgin warns customers they might be infected

17 June 2011

Virgin_logoVirgin Media are warning around 1,500 of their customers that their PCs are infected with a malicious virus after targeted computers fell foul of an attack from the SpyEye trojan that pinches log-ins for online bank accounts.

Virgin became aware of this by the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), which probably isn't nearly as exciting as it promises. Letters have been sent out to those affected with advice on how to clean up your machines.

The company are keen to point out that they haven't been spying on the online activity of customers, but rather, some of their customers' IP addresses were found by law enforcement while investigating criminal botnets.

"It's a small number compared to the four million customers we have," said a spokesman, "but regardless of that, because of the seriousness it's still important to communicate with our customers."

The letters underline the gravity of the situation, urging customers to update their security software and run checks to remove to the malicious program. If that is beyond your capabilities, Virgin are offering a service that allows them to remotely find and fix problems.

The SpyEye trojan has many variants and can be produced by novices with a software kit that you can buy for £310, and tailor to your own nefarious needs. It seems that this is a growing problem so be vigilant, dummies!

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