Virgin want broadband speed honesty, please

Bitterwallet - Richard Branson blackmail at Virgin MediaVirgin Media has launched a petition to end misleading advertising of broadband speeds. Ironic really, given that of all the ISPs, Virgin are more prone than anyone to making glib statements that might not be wholly truthful to whip up some PR storm.

Their latest stunt is based on the feeling that people are being duped by the claimed speeds achieved by other broadband providers. They're even pushing their luck as far as saying that the advertised speeds of other ISPs are dishonest, claiming that the average speeds of "20Mb" services manage only 6.5Mb.

"Staying connected is central to our lives and we all deserve broadband we can trust," said Richard Branson. "I'm challenging all broadband providers to be honest with their customers and ask people to add their voice to the campaign by signing up to," he added.

Funnily enough, Virgin Media has published a list of their typical speeds achieved each month on its 10Mb, 20Mb and 50Mb services. And guess what? You can finish the sentence in your own head.



    He's a bigger liar than the Govt and the Daily Mail, absolute tosh from beardee as usual.
  • FFS
    Funny that, I achieve a far more stable and constant 20Mb service from o2 Broadband than I ever did from Virgin. I really have had it with Virgin claiming they offer a vastly superior service, it's overpriced and unreliable, from my experience.
  • XP3NNY
    I just ran that speed test on their website and my download is 79.5 Mb/s - not bad :-)
  • M4RKM
    XP3NNY - but that's for a 100mb service, so you're receiving 79.5% of what you pay for. I was told by O2 I'd get 2.5mb, and actually I get 2.2mb, so I'm paying for 88% of what I was promised. I can't get Virgin where I live
  • blablabla500
    A bit rich of Branson. When I was with virgin on a supposedly "up to 20Mb" ADSL connection I was lucky to get 0.5Mb after 4pm at night.
  • james d.
    blablabla500 - That is virgin's ADSL service though, this is about their cable network service. Besides which they would have told you what speed you were likely to achieve on the up to 20 meg service and I bet they didn't say 20 now did they?
  • John W.
    Vigin's fibre optic cable service has always been flawless for the 16 months that I've had it. I pay for a 50Mbit connection, and I get 49.5-50Mbit speeds. Of course, this is because I know how to make the most of the connection I have - too many people will try and download something through their browser and then complain that their single part download isn't running at anywhere near the advertised speeds. Or, they'll try a speed test when connected wirelessly on their laptop, with 4 brick walls between them and their router.
  • Will
    I have a Virgin 10Mb connection... oh wait, i mean a 1.5Mb connection, according to the speed test they link to. See their own site for proof that their "unlimited" claim is a CON:
  • RaiseR
    i pay for 50mb and receive less than 10mb so virgin can suck my balls
  • Paul
    i got 50MB and get 50mb in a speed test
  • Paul
    I'm with Virgin, 10Mb, I guessed it 10Mb... At least they publish their traffic management policy so it's easy to work around to avoid being throttled. My friend has BT infinity 'up to 50Mb'... gets 25Mb
  • -]
    Your friend has different Infinity to everyone elses "upto 40Mb"? ;>
  • craig
    ive got 50mb from virgin and i get 60mb so i aint complaining

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