Virgin serve up 3D lycra and rub Sky's face in it

Bitterwallet - 3dThe 3D bandwagon inexplicably keeps on rolling, and folk keep on jumping aboard. From today, Virgin Media will be offering a range of films in spectacular, futuristic 3D vision - a fad so appallingly shit that even the 1980s lost interest in it.

Virgin's new 3D Movies On Demand service launched today, although there are also some television shows available too. Virgin Media customers don't need a new set-top box for the service, but will have to shell out for a 3D television and the glasses. And because consumers who lap up the concept deserve everything they get, Virgin will rob them blind by charging £5.99 for a 24 hour rental.

So what can you see today? Which Hollywood blockbuster is launching this revolutionary service? Avatar! No. Instead you can stump up your six quid to watch nobody you've heard of twat about in lycra in StreetDance 3D. Awesomesauce, indeed.

So why bother launching now with a mediocre offering? Given the historical spats between Virgin and Sky, it's likely there was no reason other than to take the sheen off Sky's 3D launch, which happens... this Friday. What a crazy random happenstance, eh?



  • Paul C.
    3D - fad. When you watch anything in 3D it darkens it vastly. If you get chance to compare both versions of Toy Story 3 you will see what I mean. I can't wait until someone realises that 3D is about as realistic as those cinemas you used to go to where they would show a film of a rollercoaster ride and suchlike. Pointless tacky illusions.
  • PokeHerPete
    This is the reason why I don't watch television... or use electrical equipment for that matter.
  • Michael M.
    Why would you want to sit in front of your TV wearing sunglasses like some mental Edgar Davids wannabe? When half the country still doesn't have a HD TV why the hell are they pushing people to go out and splash money on some shite tech?
  • Bazinga
    I'll wait for 34D.
  • the r.
    @pokeherpete what did you use to write that comment then??
  • Ballu
    3D= distraction from the fact the film you are watching is shite
  • maxtweenie
    @Bazinga. 34d? I'm waiting for 38DD's. The operation's been cancelled twice now due to a shortage of silicon. Apparently Volvo have first dibs for the airbags in their twat-mobiles.
  • ACID
    wtf is dis real?
  • Willy-wonka
    Blimey, I have not even watched a blu-ray dvd yet?
  • Jose
    Read the first two sentences.... remembered why BW is shit.
  • Paul S.
    Yet hear you are reading it, Jose. Good lad.
  • charlie
    3D TV is shite. Feel sorry for the buggers that wear glasses. So you wear the 3d goggles over your normal glasses. PS I might need to wear glasses soon. PS still think 3d TV is shite. Charlie
  • Neil
    Hahahaha!!! It's such a shame that the world is full of gullible fools, I mean WTF 3D indeed. If this carries on soon all TV will be in 3D and we'll all be walking around cross eyed and half blind.
  • More B.
    [...] holding our head in our hands at Virgin Media’s 3D TV launch earlier this week, our hatred of all faddish products labelled 3D continues today. You would hope [...]
  • Hanh A.
    It´s sad that todays production movies ruined the glamour movies had in early life. it´s fun to eff ultra squeaking personalty, I woman the grade that movies were prefab hinder then
  • Dan T.
    @Paul Smith -- 'hear'? tch tch My first time on BW and I didn't immediately think it was shit. I did wonder if 'shit' was one of your targetted keywords though.

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