Virgin offer free WiFi to London (rest of UK thinks 'screw you then!')

3 August 2011

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People may well have been walking away from Virgin Media (their announcement, not ours) but they are definitely still looking out for you, maaaan.

Well, if you live in London they are. They're not bothered about you at all if you live anywhere else.

See, Virgin have announced that they're in the 'advanced' stages of negotiations which will see them providing a free wi-fi service for London. Basically, they'll be giving a 0.5Mbps service to everyone.

Obviously, if you're a Virgin Media customer, you'll get the more impressive 10Mbps.

Virgin Media's CEO reckons that, despite this making them no money, it all ties in nicely to the company's 'ethos' of advancing wireless communication standards for everyone. Everyone in London.

London Mayor, Boris Johnson, will be thrilled no doubt as he's keen to see London completely wireless by the Olympics, despite not being able to sort it out himself because, obviously, he's about as effective as a dildo made of teabags.


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  • Mark C.
    Hopefully it'll be more effective than the utterly functionless StreetNet, but somehow I doubt it.
  • Dick
    If the headline speed is 0.5Mbps, then you'll probably get 0.07Mbps.
  • Tony P.
    So...A major international company is giving FREE Wi-Fi access to our anyone in our country's capital city. It's going to cost Joe Public fuck all and everyone has a pop at them because it's only London. The bearded balloon buggerer can do no right.... You ungrateful fuckwits.
  • james D.
    The wireless SSID will be SKY SUCKS

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