Virgin Media to launch 4G this year?

25 September 2012

A man stood near some 4G, yesterday

Virgin Media could well be launching their 4G service later this year, using EE's LTE 1800MHz spectrum. Virgin are already using EE's network for their mobiles, and it is believed that talks are going on to get 4G to us sooner, rather than later.

A Virgin Media spokesperson told The Inquirer: "People are increasingly using smartphones, tablets and other connected devices to get online and 4G will play an important part in meeting the growing demand for wireless capacity."

"Launching 4G services this year promises to bring significant benefits to UK consumers as people begin to make the most of forthcoming superfast mobile connections."

Of course, legal proceedings could get in the way. The 4G rollout has been beset by everyone wanting to sue each other. The Financial Times have reported that EE, Vodafone and O2 are all bickering about the spectrum and everyone wants to be first.

This means we'll probably get 4G just as the rest of the world gets 5G.

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