Virgin Media launches free Wi-Fi on London Underground

london_underground_signVirgin Media has switched on the free Wi-Fi at four of London's tube stations ahead of London 2012: The Festival Of Grating Disappointment.

So, if you're at King's Cross, Warren Street, Oxford Circus or Green Park, you'll be able to tweet 'I'M ON THE TUBE! TWEETING! OMG!' at everyone until the entire online world blocks you for being a hooting poo-hammock.

Of course, this will roll-out to more stations, 120 in total by the end of the year, with Victoria and Euston going live this weekend.

Neil Berkett, CEO of Virgin Media said: "This is a truly historic moment as we connect millions of Tube passengers to the wonderful world of the internet for the first time ever. Our plans for getting London Underground online were very ambitious from the start and, in less than just three months, we’ve launched a major new service, making London one of the world’s leading connected cities."

Users will need to register to use the service which will be free to anyone for the summer. After that, it'll be restricted to Virgin Media customers, while those not on Virgin will have a restricted service, which means you'll only be able to get live travel news, Time Out, Spotify and

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said: "Our partnership with Virgin Media to make WiFi available on Tube platforms will be of tremendous benefit as building world class connectivity is critical to supporting new businesses and the jobs they create, especially in the high-tech and creative sectors."

He then fell over a hat-stand and said something that sounded a bit racist.


  • Boris
    I never said anything racist you fucking liar Mof. I probably didn't say all of that other guff either. I've been in a crack den all week researching drug crime so I can work out a new policy. The hat stand thing might have happened.
  • klingelton
    wish they would fix my internets before offering people free stuff...
  • Local
    Oh yes, this will be very useful, particularly when our expensive and [email protected] Virgin Media service at home goes up the swanney!
  • OCD
    "However will you function without ‘internet’?" How do you function without Bitterwallet? Do you start twitching if you can't comment on an article. Take some time off Mike. You really need a break along with the rest of your 'characters'.

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