Virgin Media announce Spotify deals

31 October 2011

Exactly the sort of thing the kids listen to on their computers

When you've all stopped whining about Spotify having the audacity to give freemium users the kind of service that prompts you into paying for something better, listen to this.

Virgin Media has launched free Spotify deals for its broadband and mobile customers.

So, if you're a broadband customer, you'll be able to use the Spotify Premium service for six months at no charge. Mobile customers who also have Virgin broadband will get the same service for three months free and with no data charges.

Cindy Rose, executive director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media said:

"The launch of Spotify on Virgin Media marks a significant milestone for digital entertainment and the way it is enjoyed by consumers. Bringing together Virgin Media services with brilliant entertainment such as Spotify is a core part of our ongoing strategy and we're excited to be able to lead the way with such a great partnership."

There is a niggle with this though. Existing customers can't get onboard with this as it's only available to new or re-contracting customers.

Andreas Liffgarden, global head of telecoms at Spotify said:

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Virgin Media to offer music fans access to one of the biggest music libraries in the world at their fingertips, through broadband, mobile and - for the first time - TiVo."

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  • Pissimist
    Only new or re-contracting customers? Classy move there, Virgin.
  • The B.
    Nice, just when I was thinking of shifting from Virgin, a reason to give it another 6 months.
  • samuri
    gotta say this ....... Merrill Womach = ONE UGLY BASTARD

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