Vile advert to promote 'video game' banned in UK

A vile advertisement for a violent video game has been banned in the UK. An adspot for Soul Calibur V, a game which encourages young people to attack each other with knives and other brutal weaponry, shows a large pair of filthy breasts with the capture "go big or go home".

soul calibur V banned advert

The appalling promotional tool was featured in lewd 'lads mag' Nuts,  who said of the image "its one of the best game advertisements yet!" adding "the advert has been deemed too sexy for our notoriously stiff upper lips! But don’t despair, Nuts never lets you miss out on seeing a great pair!"

Take a good look at the advert above. Glare at it and see just how vile it is. Once again, the video game industry is trying to hyper-sexualise our children. Disgusting. Absolutely, thoroughly disgusting.


  • Dick
    That is bloody disgusting. Why does the US always get the games first?
  • bob
    The game is rated 16.
  • Craig
    Firstly, this is a ridiculous over-reaction from the writer. The game is a 16 for a reason, and Nuts isn't meant to be sold to children. It''s an adult advert for an adult game with adult themes. Where the hell did you get "the video game industry is trying to hyper-sexualise our children". CHILDREN ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO PLAY THIS GAME, AND THE PERSON DEPICTED IN THE ADVERT IS NOT A CHILD. What exactly makes the breasts "filthy"? Are you so repressed that you find the naked human body to be dirty and disgusting? Also, the thing about the game encouraging "young people to attack each other with knives and other brutal weaponry" is ridiculous. It's a game - at no point does it say "you should do this in real life", and I must stress once more - this game is not for children, it is for adults who should know the difference between stabbing someone in a video game and being encouraged to do it in real life. By the way, I have never read any of your other work, but simply stumbled across this thanks to bitterwallet. I would like to add this proviso - if you are, in fact, completely taking the piss, then bravo. You have captured the Jack Thompson style of completely ridiculous and over the top reactions to violence and nudity in videogames in such a perfectly satirical way that I believe you are serious, and must therefore be commended for being an excellent troll. In fact, I'm starting to feel that this is more likely, as I don't believe that anyone this idiotic would be allowed to write for bitterwallet. Also, the advert is in bad taste, but hey, everyone loves boobs (apart from you, apparently).
  • JimmyK
    Won't somebody think of the children!
  • David
    Craig. DER!
  • U B.
    @ Craig Can't tell if joking or...
  • JonB
    This has been done to death by the online game Evony. Just do a Google image search for "evony advertising".
  • @Craig
  • Tatter
    Why are 'mature' games the most immature?
  • Emma
    This is a great ad! The Soul Caliber series is one of my favourite 'beat em ups' and I can't wait to play. If it's of any interest I am a 30 year ols Mum of Two and if my girls were old enough to hold a controller competently I would let them play too. Nothing wrong with playing a strong female character on screen OR in real life, with or without the obligatory revealing costume. I hope my girls will share my confidence and one day be able to look upon such images with the same indifference I do. Cheers for the heads up though - am pre-ordering...... NOW!:D
  • dvdj
    @Craig Clearly you should read Bitterwallet more often...
  • @emma
    There's nothing wrong with this advert in an adult environment - and has been pointed out this game is 16 rated. Quite what makes Emma think it's suitable for a young child to play is beyond me - I'm genuinely worried for her kids...
  • Mark W.
    I think 'capture' should be 'caption'. Anyway, has this advert been 'banned'? Or is it the case Namco wants some free advertising?
  • Frank C.
    Yawn, yet more tits in advertising. Should be banned for unoriginality.
  • tonyb
    There is nothing wrong with the game if it is put into the right hands, but unfortunately you get an awful lot of dickhead adults who wouldn't give a damn and would buy for their kids, knowing well that it might not be suitable for children, come on lets face it you can put whatever you like on the cover as regards level rating, but adults will still buy it and give to their children regardless.
  • oliverreed
    My, what a big snake...
  • shinkyshonky
    Posted by oliverreed • January 9, 2012 at 9:35 pm My, what a big snake… yeah gets in the way of the tits!
  • Terry
    Down with this sort of thing
  • Tom
    WTF Is Dis Real? But will it blend? I would prefer a nice fox instead.
  • Jen
    Its not so much the boobies, but the snake around her neck. Its strangling her. I think its to do with prostitution. Also the fur coat is a stereo type of what a prostitue would wear.
  • Wig
    Boobies are disgusting! Ban women from voting!
  • Chewbacca
    @Emma YOU are WHY people should be sterilised at birth. You have children, yet you can't even spell "Calibur" EVEN WHEN it is sitting there right in front of you. I hope your girls share your confidence, but perhaps choose to take their academic lead from someone with an IQ higher than a green potato... dumb bitch.
  • Vile B.
    [...] advert to promote ‘video game’ banned in UK January 9th, 2012 • 22 Comments By Mof [...]
  • Bowman
    This is fake (not supported by Namco)!!! The same people made the Voldo codpiece poster, you can tell by the background. Duhh do some research before you post WRONG information!!! It doesn't even look legit!
  • Mike H.
    The UK doesn't need much encouragement to attack each other with knives. They should just rename it, 'Summer Riots' they'll sell fuckin' millions
  • Paul N.
    @Craig - You made this article happen. Thank you :)
  • The m.
    After I saw the ad I even went to the SC site ti see which character was the big tits. Could not find her.
  • Gerrin T.
    Lovely norks. More of this perversion please BW.
  • Daft V.
    @Chewbacca You're a disgrace to Wookiee kind sir. You actually read the comments and picked up on a possible typo instead of gazing at the picture?!? If everyone was judged on their ability to spell or type correctly, then God* help us all. I work with students. *=Other religions or non-religions are available.
  • Allen B.
    Placing two bald men up your jumper is hardly filthy but I am disgusted at those disgusted or implying disgust or nearing disgustedness. We baldies have a right to work Disgusted from Glasgow
  • Barry
    Don't understand why advert was banned.
  • BlairyBear
    Absolutely moronic attempt at "reporting" on a boring story, Mof Gimmers.
  • Redeem
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