Very loss; so hack: Dogecoin gets hacked

26 December 2013

doge Potential Bitcoin successor, Dogecoin (named after the daft meme), has been hacked with Dogewallet users losing roughly 21 million Dogecoins.

In an email, Dogecoin bosses said: "The hacking incident was extremely unfortunate for the Dogecoin community and all members of the Dogecoin community. We’re trying out best to make sure users can retrieve their lost Dogecoins."

"Dogewallet is currently in the middle of refunding users, and several million Dogecoins have already been refunded today. Refunding users is our priority because we too want to see Dogecoin grow, not only because it’s backed by the best community of any digital currency, but because it also has the greatest potential to completely overtake and topple Bitcoin. This is exemplified by the community reaching out to help create a system for refunding affected users of Dogewallet just moments after the incident."

"Lastly, we’d like to remind everyone to please use offline wallets as a means of storing any significant amount of Dogecoin. Online wallets are more convenient for new users and offer people the ability to learn about and use the currency immediately, but offline wallets offer the greatest security."

Altogether, the stolen Dogecoins are worth around £20,000 and Dogewallet said that they are “currently looking at logs and have found thousands of attempts to hack our systems.”

Probably worth using actual money for the time being while these internet finance systems get more robust and professional.


  • Andy
    Have a look at this link and see what you think of ebuyer now.....
  • Fat B.
    Wait, Dogecoins actually exist? I thought they were just a parody of Bitcoin..
  • jo
  • pikeydave
    1.2+mil doges ripped off from my wallets 24/25th Dec, no info on how to get them back from dogecoin, cant even find my wallet on line, whole site seems to be closed down, any suggestings please

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