Use your phone to pay for travel

28 May 2012

the-brick--talking-mobile-phone-holderOrange are piloting a new initiative which will enable plebs like you to commute with their mobile phones. No, they're not making hover phones which you can strap to your arse, allowing you to fly around Britain (although, that would be ace), but rather, they've teamed up with Stagecoach to trial a way of paying for your travel with 'Quick Tap'.

Basically, with this technology, you'll be able buy and store tickets on your phone. You'll wave your phone at a reader and it'll confirm that you've paid for your journey and you'll be able to sit on a carriage filled with idiots.

This is all on the back of Government backed idea called ITSO, which means Integrated Transport Smartcard Organisation. Basically, if this trial (taking place in Cambridge where everyone uses bicycles) works, it could see us all using our phones like Oyster Cards.

Norman Baker, the local transport minister, is thrilled by it all because he's got nothing better to do with his day. He said: "Smart ticketing makes travelling by public transport easier, quicker and more attractive - that is why we want to get most journeys to be taken using smart ticketing technology by the end of 2014."

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  • Mike H.
    Great so as usual, I'll be laughed at trying to waft my nokia 3210 in the conductors face!
  • Brad
    The only thing that makes public transport more attractive is 'cheaper' but I didnt see Mr Baker mention that one so ill carry on not giving a fuck untill so.
  • zax
    In other news, Mr. Baker said " I can't wait to just swipe my arse against the reader instead"

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