Use your iPhone at depths of 300 feet

11 July 2014

waterproof phone case You would think that the seabed would be the last place you’d want to take your phone.

But if your online narcissism extends to taking selfies while deep sea diving, or you just want to capture the magnificence of the Barrier reef and boast about it on Instagram, then you might want to get yourself this new waterproof iPhone case from Thanko.

The chunky aluminium case basically turns your phone into a submarine, and costs a whopping £172, but it’s a small price to pay to show off underwater. The case will keep your phone dry and safe to depths of 300 feet.

The only problem with it - although if you pay £172 for a phone case you can take underwater, the problem might also be you – is that you can’t use the phone’s touch screen.

So what you have to do is make sure you disable autolock, and put the iPhone camera icon at the bottom of the screen, so it corresponds with the touch sensitive points on the cases’ clear screen.

Then get into your scuba gear and away you go.

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  • DrJogalog
    What on earth is the point?
  • Slacker
    It should be compulsory for the sort of silly cunts who buy iPhones to use them at this depth, preferably without breathing apparatus.

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