US claims all .com and .net websites, ready to take legal action

4 July 2011

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The delightfully named US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (or ICE, if you want to be all cool and that) is claiming that all .com and .net sites are theirs. That includes sites that don't even have their servers in America.

And while this sounds like some kind of weird net colonialism, what it means in practical terms is that should you own a site or blog that contravenes copyright law, the Americans will be coming after you.

Erik Barnett, assistant deputy director of ICE said told the Guardian that the agency is going to come after you if you're breaking their laws. The freedom of the internet, eh? It is reported that the ICE won't just be going after sites with illegal content on them. They're also going to run after any sites linking to dodgy content with legal pitchforks.

Barnett said, "By definition, almost all copyright infringement and trademark violation is transnational. There's very little purely domestic intellectual property theft."

"Without wishing to get into the particulars of any case, the general goal of law enforcement is to arrest and prosecute individuals who are committing crimes. That is our goal, our mission. The idea is to try to prosecute."

Good luck with that, America... you massive mentalists.

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  • Milky
  • Steve
    America, get fucked!
  • Troll
    Whilst not wishing to be a cunt, .com TLD's are a creation of Verisign, which is a US company and so the TLD falls under US laws. You could go 1 further and say they (US) own EVERY TLD suffix giving that they are controlled/governed by IANA and guessed a US company/organisation. Likewise with ICANN.......
  • Dashworlds
    Trying to run a single Internet space with the multitude of laws, regulation, interests and opinion that span the globe is at best optimistic, and will always present problems. The USA is not the only country looking to influence ICANN's part of the World Wide Web and if Internet users want something different, then they do not have to look far to see that there are alternatives. ICANN's main aims has always been to convince Internet users that they're the only game in town and then try to herd everyone into a tiny part of an otherwise infinite universe. In this respect, ICANN has been quite successful. However, it's rather like telling people that the only place they can shop on the entire planet is your local Safeway (not that one...the other one) and that really…..really, there's nowhere else to go. Of course this is sheer nonsense and it’s understandable that people are starting to look at the alternatives. Anyone can now create their own set of Top Level Domains at no cost and without reference to ICANN, simply by opting to register NON-ICANN Dashcom (not Dotcom) domain names. Dashcoms are more memorable and relevant web addresses such as "sports-com", “live-music”, "social-network” and even "bitter-wallet" etc. Here is a part of the Internet that’s totally outside ICANN's control yet able to exist quite happily alongside it. At present, resolution is via an APP, but new ISP links are coming online to negate that need. It’s only a matter of time before other new options surface, and none of them will have anything to with ICANN.
  • Mojo J.
    ^^^^^^^^^ That.
  • Dick
    They obviously think the World Wide Web is just like the World Series.
  • Tim
    Lots of lawyers outside the US are going to make a shit load of money out of this one I think.
  • Tim
    And from The Guardian "While these web addresses are traditionally seen as global, all their connections are routed through Verisign" That's rubbish. Registration may have been via Verisign, but after that it's just another DNS entry replicated around the world. traceroute a UK based .com and it sure as hell won't go via the US unless you're based in the US or using a US based ISP or company network.
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  • Patriot
    It's not the's the Obama administration. Most Americans are FOR internet freedom. He's a Marxist. What do you expect?
  • Jamlid

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