UK's cheapest tablet goes on sale for £30

You can now buy a tablet for £30 called the UbiSlate 7Ci, the cheapest in the UK by far. And what's the spec like? Well, it comes with a 7-inch display with 800 x 480p resolution, runs Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich and has 512MB of RA and a microUSB connection with 4GB of storage.


Founder of Datawind Suneet Singh Tuli said: "It's not just about creating low-cost devices, for us it's about delivering the internet. At the start of this year we became the largest supplier of tablet computers in India, ahead of both Apple and Samsung.”

And they're not done there, as he promised to shake things up by bringing out a Datawind tablet with a processor equal to the iPad 4, but at a much cheaper price.

Obviously, the UbiSlate is not at all great, but it does undercut Aldi's LifeTab by a whopping £49.


  • missus n.
    Is there any need for such disgusting comments? I will not ask my kids to check up on deals for me in future. They may run into lowlifes like yourselves. Shame on you both.
  • missus n.
  • Tits M.
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  • jt
    I bet BW are proud of the little community they have created here
  • Marky M.
    Have I missed something?
  • Dick
    Isn't this just a really crap version of O2's Joggler that was out about 3 years ago?
  • Reader
    Where are the obligatory filth comments?
  • Ian
    It looks like it is not actually for sale in the UK as far as I can see, but if it is I doubt it will sell for the same price as in India. I would like to see it, but I am sure you can't expect much for such a price, I would probably only have the default apps runnings on it.
  • Betty S.
    Yet more censoring and removing of comment on bitterwallet. The only reason people come here is to talk shit, take that away and you have nothing. It certainly isn't to read the copy n paste "articles".
  • LL J.
    @Ian You're right, where the fuck is it for sale? Can't really blame Mof though as every news source says the same thing. I would be annoyed but I think it's nice of the media to go out of its way to employ so many stroke victims.
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