UK to team up with Germany for 5G

10 March 2014

'The Future'
'The Future'

David Cameron has told us proles that the UK will be developing the next-gen 5G wireless internet.

We're going to need the help of our pals in Germany though, who will probably be doing all the heavy lifting in this relationship.

Cameron said that in the current world of “permanent technological revolution” the UK couldn't afford to miss out on developing 5G. This inevitably comes on the back of our messing up 4G compared to the rest of the world.

5G is an exciting development though. Everything will be dizzying fast.

“With 4G, an 800 megabyte movie takes around 40 seconds to download; with 5G that would be cut to one second,” said Cameron. "This is a prize that researchers all over the world are going for and so I am delighted to announce a new collaboration, between the University of Dresden, King’s College University in London and the University of Surrey.”

Cameron hasn't said how much we'll be collectively throwing at this, but it'll be a hefty amount if he's serious about this; South Korea announced they would be investing $1.5 billion with their research and development.

He did, however, talk about his conceptual Internet of Things idea.

“Electricity meters that talk to the grid to get you the best deals. Health monitors that keep an eye on your heart rate. Water pipes that warn of a fall in pressure. And yes, even a fridge that can order you milk when it notices you are getting low,” said Cameron.

“I see the Internet of Things as a huge transformative development a way of boosting productivity of keeping us healthier making transport more efficient reducing energy needs, tackling climate change.”

“We are on the brink of a new industrial revolution and I want us – the UK and Germany – to lead it,” said Cameron. “Take British ingenuity in software, services and design, add German excellence in engineering and industrial manufacturing and together we can lead in this new revolution.”

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  • jokester4
    “With 4G, an 800 megabyte movie takes around 40 seconds to download; with 5G that would be cut to one second,” said Cameron. Firstly, does he seriously think 6,400 Mb/s mobile bandwidth is realistically going to happen any time soon considering most consumers are on less than 50Mb/s connections at home? Even the fastest consumer broadband lines are only about 150Mb/s and this dickhead thinks mobiles will soon have almost 50 times this speed? Also, he is forgetting that there won't be anything to download or see online once this prick has finished ruining the internet for the whole UK. WANKER
  • Al
    I got 13 gb with 3G. Now I'm on 4G its gone down to 8 meg. Who cares about downloading films on your phone though - you'll go through your monthly allowance in no time. Shouldn't slipper face be sorting out the folks who can't even get a meg on their home connections instead???
  • Raggedy
    Is it only me who thinks there's a lot more in it for him than there ever will be for us?

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