UK seriously behind in World broadband speeds

25 October 2011

slow-internet-connectionThe UK is ranked a paltry 25th in the world when it comes to the fastest average broadband speeds.

This is according to figures from Akamai who have provided us all with the delightful sounding State of the Internet report for Q2 of 2011.

The report monitored the speed of more than 604 million unique IP addresses from 238 countries and regions. South Korea came out on top with the fastest average net connection at 13.8Mbps, followed by Hong Kong with 10.3Mbps and Japan at 8.9Mbps.

The UK has an average speed of just 5Mbps. We suck.

Holland is the fastest European country with a connection of 8.5Mbps (4th in the world). Even focusing on Europe alone, it doesn't read well for the UK, seeing us trundling along in 15th place out of 22.

More than a quarter of all broadband connections surveyed were 5Mbps or above, which is known as 'Higher Broadband'. The Netherlands again did very well, with 68 percent of all its connections classed as Higher Broadband.

The UK on the other hand sat in lowly 25th, with just 30 percent of Britons having access to 5Mbps or above. What is so poor about that is seven of the ten countries with the biggest 'Higher Broadband' adoption are in Europe.


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  • Dick
    If we all lived in tower blocks or apartment blocks in cities we'd do better. Or just cut off anyone in slow areas, so they don't bring down the average.
  • Alexis
    I wish Dick! I live in some modern flats half a mile from Manchester city centre and I can only get 4meg. And that was only after disconnecting the bell wire - that gives me 3!
  • Sam
    100Mbps thank you virgin media :) I don't think I'd move somewhere that didn't have cable.
  • D.I.ntendre
    @Alexis - You disconnected the bell wire? So what is there left now where your bell ends?
  • Sawyer
    If I wasn't in Starbucks right now, I'd be commenting on this via the 11kbps connection (yes, you read that correctly) that I have to my flat. Or rather, I wouldn't, as I have better things to do than wait 3-4 minutes for the Bitterwallet page to load. Luckily I'm not bringing down anyone's average as the line is running off a GPRS connection, so I don't think it counts towards home broadband statistics. I really need to move...

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