UK launch for Amazon Kindle Touch 3G

23 April 2012

KW-slate-02-lg._V166950133_ Amazon have announced that they're going to start shipping Kindle Touch 3Gs in the UK a week early thanks to orders have been much higher than expected.

The touch Kindle has been on sale in the US for a while, but now, Amazon have begun shipping the e-reader because the interest has been much greater than initially envisioned.

"Orders from customers worldwide for our new line of electronic ink Kindles have exceeded our expectations," said Amazon Kindle chief Dave Limp. Sorry. That's a very funny name. Mr Limp continued: "We know that customers are eager to get their hands on our newest Kindle which is why we’re delighted to be able to ship several days earlier than we planned."

If you've pre-ordered one of these devices, orders are being fulfilled in the same order that they were received, so you might be getting your hands on one a little earlier than expected, which is great news.

Can you get smut on them?

EDIT: The picture is of a Kindle Touch. The suggestions in the comments that Mof might have uploaded a Kindle Fire pic are ridiculous.

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  • Northern M.
    Smut? You can't even get colour pictures on a Kindle 3G, that's a Kindle Fire your showing a picture of!!!
  • Bobby M.
    The filename even says it's a Kindle Fire. Is it work experience week or is this just shoddy?
  • qwertyuiop
    Shoddy and condescending are just two words which one can easily apply to a Mof Gimmers written article. I tend to see past it much of the time though, I do enjoy the odd chuckle at his Star Wars inspired name.
  • P C.
    To be fair, I've heard they've only just discovered fire in Manchester
  • mancsrus
    Yea and us Mancs still laugh at names like "Mr Limp" & "Cockburn" :-)
  • P C.
  • Mr L.
    Sir! How dare you disparage my family name in such a way. We Limps have been upstanding members of the community for many many years. Oh, hang on. We've done that joke at least twice before now haven't we? Coffin pie anyone? Perhaps a poem would cheer us up.
  • Mr L.
    My girlfriend says its common, happens to every guy and isn't a big deal : (.
  • Mr L.
    As for me, I'm just full of hot air.
  • Mr L.
    I only stopped here for a quick look...
  • Pedo P.
    "Just going to the toilet to have a wan... read love..."
  • Dr L.
    Have you ever had a sugared ring?
  • Mike H.
    Dr L Limp, I have. This bird had terrible eczema, but I ploughed on regardless of the brown sugar. You see, her twat was covered in sores.
  • one t.
    I'm just waiting for the Amazon Kindle Water to come out next year.

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