.uk is finally here (calm down everyone)

union jack The .uk domain is now here and who else better to launch it than Stephen Fry, a longtime hater of the .co.uk?

(Well, there ARE bigger things to get het up about, but you know, perspective everyone)

His site bugles "Fret no more, people of Britain. The day of .uk is upon us. And team stephenfry.com - as with all things - is proud to be ahead of the curve, or at least cresting it."

He banged on further: "It’s only three harmless key-presses, you may think. A year or so back I wrote that it seemed to me annoying and lax of the British internet authority (if such a body ever existed, which it didn’t and doesn’t) when domain names were being handed that they were so inattentive and their eyes so off the ball."


Internet company Nominet is offering over 10 million existing UK domain holders the chance to change to the shorter equivalent of their current address within five years.

IF IT'S THAT IMPORTANT TO YOU, you can sign up for the new .uk domains through domain name registrars, alongside existing domains such as .co.uk or .org.uk. The price for a .uk domain remains the same as a .co.uk address at £5 for two years.


  • Breadman
    " The price for a .uk domain remains the same as a .co.uk address at £5 for two years" Really? Where's that then? Every registrar I've looked at so far is charging a premium for a .uk address, sometimes twice their price for .co.uk
  • Euan
    Unless I've missed something, if a corresponding .co.uk exists they have FIVE YEARS in which to register the matching .uk domain - so those of us who don't own the .co.uk version of what we want can either wait until 2019 when the reservations expire, or pick something pretty crap / lengthy given how many .co.uk domains are already out there...
  • No c.
    What is the problem with: .co.uk?

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