UK government plan to track everything we do online

7 February 2013

It looks like the UK government, in their infinite wisdom, are planning on monitoring ALL of the UK's internet use, with MI5 spooks installing 'black box' spy devices.

That's nice isn't it? They're probably doing it so they can save us all from the bogeyman.

Spies are claiming that they're only interested in 'communications data', which basically means that they're ONLY interested in absolutely everything we're saying to each other.

A report by MPs says that MI5 will use technology known as Deep Packet Inspection, and that will take data from places like Skype, Facebook and Twitter and those who visit encrypted porno sites.

Naturally, the Tories are all for it, but the whole thing has been delayed after the LibDems resisted the bill.

MI5 chief Jonathan Evans told the committee: "Access to communications data of one sort or another is very important indeed. It’s part of the backbone of the way in which we would approach investigations. I think I would be accurate in saying there are no significant investigations that we undertake across the service that don’t use communications data because of its ability to tell you the who and the when and the where of your target’s activities."

Funny how the government are against totalitarian regimes like North Korea, but are more than happy to take tips from them and look to be hopeful of building a filter, which would collect data from your mobile, email, search history and everything else.

"It is important for the agencies that there is some means of accessing communications data from uncooperative overseas communications service providers,' the report said.


  • jim
    all our phone calls are monitored by the US with their listening stations. have been for years. they probably have been monitoring the internet already...
  • aScottishBloke
    Hey Mof HotUKDeals have been stealth gathering data for years, all against member/merchant knowledge. Sorry about the quandry. B
  • chewbacca
    ^I'm calling fake ASB. The REAL ASB would know how to spell "quandary", you fucking moron. Anyhoo, all of our communications have been monitored, if not recorded, for YEARS. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a naive fool.
  • OoOoooH Y.
    Welcome to China.....hang on they wouldn't allow so many fucking immigrants in to bleed their welfare system and jobs market.

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