UK government filters wrongly censor 1 in 5 websites

2 July 2014

censored It may seem hard to believe, but something to do with the UK government isn’t working very well. Or perhaps it’s working very well indeed *rubs hands together maniacally*

This time, it’s the UK government online filters, which are a little bit ENTHUSIASTIC. They wrongly block one in five websites, creating the kind of internet censorship you might expect to find in China.

The Open Rights Group Project has been investigating the amount of websites that our overzealous filters are blocking, and it found that out of 101,008 sites, about 19% of websites are blocked by UK ISPs for no particular reason.

One of the blocked websites is the political blog Guido Fawkes’ Order Order. The editor Paul Staines said: ‘We would really appreciate it if TalkTalk would remove us from their block list. The only people who block us are them and the Chinese government.’

TalkTalk say they haven’t blocked them, no not at all, free speech is important etc. But the Open Rights Group 'Blocked' Project offers a free checking tool, which gives you information about which sites are blocked by UK filters.

After all, it’s a free country, innit?



  • Monkeyboy
    I work the NHS, and the filter blocks BW as offensive content. I would agree. It's filth. You're all awful.
  • Name
    TalkTalk's filtering product is provided by the Chinese company Huawei, so perhaps it's not surprising that Guido Fawkes’ Order Order is blocked by both.

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