UK consumers put faith in phones

24 October 2012

mobile-phone-jokeWhen you're looking for products, where do you look first? Well, nearly 20% of you consuming swine research products on your phone or tablet before going to a shop.

It seems the mobile has replaced the laptop-on-the-knee while you're watching telly.

Udozi, the retail app, and YouGov, the polling group, surveyed 2,015 people and came up with these dazzling statistics on a slow news day that's been engulfed by new Apple gadgets.

It seems mobiles are the place where there's a big growth in people looking for discounts and offers (although, you only need us for that really).

Interesting, people aren't looking for stuff on their phones and then buying them there and then, preferring it seems, to research online and then visit a bricks and mortar store. The main reason seems to be the high delivery charges and general frustration with the "virtual shopping experience". And how many online retailers make it easy to find a contact form or phone number? Not nearly enough.

There's also nearly a third of us who get irritated while shopping on phones and tablets because retailers are increasingly foisting apps in our direction.

Alan Gabbay, founder of Udozi, said: "In today's digital age, constantly connected consumers have come to expect access to their favourite brands and retailers when on the move. But mobile and online alone simply can't compensate for the in-store shopping experience, as the majority of people still want to 'try before they buy' and speak to experts in-store."

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  • Sawyer
    "as the majority of people still want to ‘try before they buy’ and speak to experts in-store." I'm all for actually seeing a product before buying, but how many stores these days have anything even vaguely resembling an expert? (no, Apple, Genius does not count, although in comparison to others they are fairly knowledgable). Makes you wonder where Alan Gabbay shops.
  • Billy R.
    Re interest-only mortgage Never could understand this method, we know quite a few approaching retirement who have this type of mortgage with no Plan B so in a few years they will lose their house either by having to sell or it being repossessed and sent to auction.They all say "Oh the council will give us a house as we are homeless" so yes its a good idea to get rid of this type of mortgage.
  • shiftynifty
    So I can make phone calls on my smartphone... ? wow I did not know that....
  • Darren
    @Billy Redtoon Interest only mortgages work if you have a very low interest rate as you can just treat it as a very cheap rental (in London) and then invest your money that you would be paying off the mortgage elsewhere!

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