UK bottom of the FTTH league

10 October 2012

The Internet, yesterday

Great news everyone! The UK is the rock bottom of the league for fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connections in Europe! This is according to new data from the FTTH Council Europe organisation, which is based on connections that run fibre directly to a premise rather than to nearby cabinets.

The UK has a measly 0.05 percent of premises connected to FTTH. In fact, this number is so pathetically low that it means the UK doesn't technically rank on the FTTH Council's rankings.

The organisation's president Karin Ahl points out that this slow progress puts the UK years behind nations such as Japan or South Korea. "Most Asian countries have already reached maturity and Europe as a whole is expected to do by 2020. But for the UK, based on current trends, it may not be until 2022," she said.

"Despite the fact that the government has announced plans to have the best superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015, the UK is clearly lagging and has no large scale FTTH deployment plans," said the report.

"It seems the Broadband Delivery (BDUK) Project has missed the opportunity to bring the country real broadband."

So when the government said that they were investment in broadband and aiming to get 90% of the population online with 25Mbit/s or above by 2015, turns out they didn't really want to pull their fingers out and actually get a move on with it.


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  • Wongaporkpies
    Time for new estates to have FTTH as standard
  • Bob M.
    As the majority of premises in the UK are fed overhead/via telegraph pole this makes FTTH deployment very difficult. Who pays for the FTTH deployment?
  • Steve
    What a dull article. I only clicked through because at a glance it looked like "UK bottom of the FILTH league".

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