Uh-oh! Sony can get the details of Playstation 3 hackers

7 March 2011

PS3Sony, a notoriously kind and altruistic company, have been given permission to obtain details of people who downloaded files needed to hack into their PlayStation 3.

A judge in San Francisco, who will probably have half of 4chan after him by the end of the week, granted Sony a subpoena that allows the electronics behemoth to see a list of IP addresses of people who downloaded software from the hacker Geohot.

Sony are suing Mr Hotz who is Geohot claiming that his hacks breach copyright, while Hotz is saying that he wasn't actually trying to help pirates, but rather, that he was championing the 'home brew' community (people who write their own software for PS3).

Court documents, obtained by Wired, show that the company successfully petitioned to obtain IP addresses from the web-hosting company Bluehost.

"SCEA [Sony Computer Entertainment America] needs to determine how rampant the access to and use of these circumvention devices has been in California in order to rebut Mr Hotz's suggestion that his illicit conduct was not aimed at the forum state," the document reads.

Only time will tell whether Sony can be bothered to trace everyone who hacked their PS3s and mount legal action against them. Chances are they'll use the information to try and shaft Hotz. Either way, there's a chance that they've got your address now, Mr Hacker.

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  • Whisky
    Downloading the files cannot be regarded as proof of hacking...
  • brian
    How do you prove that the owner of the broadband account was the person visiting the site? Do you need to prove that at all?
  • nobut
    If you really want to get the tinfoil out. If it suits the purposes of Sony to have the case in that state. There would be nothing to stop them sending some war-chalkers around to download the material in question from open wi-fi networks to strengthen their argument. Will anyone check if they were all downloaded from L.A's Starbucks once the jurisdiction question is settled?
  • oliverreed
    Yo-ho yo-ho a pirates life for me....
  • The M.
    Geohots site must been have visited millions of times - even Sony cant be arsed to trace all those ip addresses - and what are they going to do about it anyway? - its not illegal to download a file or read the information on his site. Its simply scare tactics from Sony to frighten the average joe into thinking they can come get you and drag you away if you in anyway change the PS3 that YOU own.
  • brian
    VPN if you are really worried about this.
  • Zleet
    Scare story to try to frighten a few people out of hacking the PS3. I was never really interested in hacking it as I was using it as mainly a media player but with the stupid introduction of Cinavia drm protection i'll hack it the second a workaround is found.
  • d7llu
    A mate of mine has actually received a nasty email from sony, stating they know that his PS3 is hacked and they are threatening him with all sorts.
  • Spoonyboy
    @d7llu The email is probably a phising scam. What exactly are Sony going to do? Will they come around to your house with a warrant to search your property & inspect your PS3? It's all [email protected], all media is open to piracy and always has been. I used to record the songs from the radio on my cassette player or copy my vinyl to tape on my hi-fi, they even have a photocopier in my local library for making illegal photocopies from reference books in the library. I didn't see any big shot CEO waving his d!ck around when media used to be pirated. It comes down to greed, Sony have worked out how much more they 'could' make if no-one pirated there games. Better idea, sack the Sony team that spend all day investigating this shite and save yourself alot of money that way!!
  • d7llu

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