Uh oh – Snapchat pictures DON’T disappear forever

9 May 2014

Snapchat can no longer legally claim that the photo of you pouting and performing comedy fellatio on a banana is gone forever.

The Federal Trade Commission has accused Snapchat of misleading customers, because Snapchat users can save images using third party apps.

The complaint by the FTC concerns the Snapchat FAQ page, which from October 2012-13 read: Is there any way to view an image after the time has expired? No, snaps disappear after the timer runs out.’

Which isn’t strictly true. Snapchat doesn’t store video messages to the isolated storage area of your smartphone connected to the app, so if you connect your phone to a PC and scroll through your device’s storage photos– voila! –there’s that pic of your willy.

Also, allowing access to third party apps means that images that have apparently ‘disappeared’ can be captured and saved.

Snapchat have settled out of court over the claims, but must implement a ‘comprehensive privacy programme’ that will be monitored by independent privacy professionals for the next 20 years.

The idea that Snapchat will still be around in 20 years time curdles the stomach, but they’ve had to agree to it. And for anyone who uses Snapchat for anything else but talking drivel and posting pics of their new haircut, that’s probably a big relief.

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