U Can't Touch MC Hammer's new search engine... yet

mc-hammer Google, your time is up. We repeat, Google, your time is up. Your moment in the sun as the planet’s leading search engine has come to an end. Why? Because MC Hammer is coming to steal your glory, that’s why.

The fancy-panted former rapper and current ordained minister has announced that he is launching a new search engine, called WireDoo. But how will it trump Google? Well, apparently it generates results based on relationships between subjects that run deeper than mere keywords. It’s a search engine with soul. Or something.

It’s still in pre-beta test mode at the moment but you can sign up now and get a piece of the future once it’s up and running. We’re hoping it won’t just be a bunch of links to downloads of U Can’t Touch This.

It will be won’t it?


  • Yue
    It's useless, every search keeps shuffling from side to side.
  • Mad H.
    If it can find MC Hammer, it must be pretty decent
  • Shooter M.
    STOP! Hammersearch

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