Twitter prepares significant redesign

twitter_logoSocial networking sites never learn do they? MySpace ruled the roost for years and started to drop through the floor when the powers that be started tinkering with it too much. Facebook was on hand to scoop up the online refugees and in turn, pissed around with the format so frequently that the site rarely worked as it should and everyone endlessly spewed out updates about how much they hated the various new looks of the site.

Twitter was waiting with open arms for all those jumping the Facebook ship and delighted those who used it with its simplicity and fuss-free layout.

You can see where this is going can't you?

Twitter is going to undergo a major redesign and Doug Bowman, Twitter's creative director, posted a picture online showing a new-look networking site. Click here to see it.

Bowman, who previously worked at Google and Wired magazine, where he pioneered web design, posted: "Working on what may end up a significant redesign. Not final yet. What we can show without giving away the farm."

Of course, the reaction on the blog is wholly positive, but it does reek of techie fanboy fawnery, with everyone cooing about the lovely rounded edges and nice colours.

However, should Twitter start messing about with the way people use the site, or indeed, monetise the site with adverts in a way that feels a bit too much like having things rammed down your throat, then invariably, people will irritate the entire world with constant online petitions and groups and status updates saying "WE LIKED IT AS IT WAS!" and all that.

Still, it won't be as irritating as those people who snipe about Twitter with hackneyed lines like "Why should I care what Rufus Hound is having for his dinner?", entirely missing the irony of using the comments of a Web2.0 medium to spout off an staggeringly uninteresting string of words under the misguidance that other people will want to hear what their views are on someone talking about what they're having for their tea.

Brace yourselves. There's going to be moaning either way.



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    Feck Twatter. What is Dribble all aboot?!?!

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