Twitter: Pop-ups and surveys abound?

25 April 2013

twitter_logo Twitter might look rather different soon, thanks to a number of brands opting for a new campaign from media agency SMG. Basically, we could all be faced with in-tweet surveys and pop-ups later this year.

Lisa Weinstein, president and global digital and search officer at Starcom MediaVest Group, said beta-testing has seen "very high" response rates for in-tweet surveys. She said: "How we would envisage it is you are reading a tweet on your homepage and a little action will pop up asking you to participate in a survey."

"Those are ongoing every week once they are in market and I think they are highly valuable."

Of course, one of the things that made Twitter so appealing was the lack of intrusive advertising, so this is very likely to put a few noses out of joint.

Naturally, Twitter needs to make money and are giving you a service for free. It is a fine balancing act.

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  • Old G.
    Pop-up surveys? If any pop up no matter where I am, they get rejected. It's far too easy to get distracted on the interweb and if I wanted to do a survey I'd go to a bloody survey site. Now get out of my face and make your money elsewhere without being annoying.

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