Twitter #music #fail

22 October 2013

You’re nobody unless somebody loves you, and after 6 not very long months the Twitter #music app is closing its digital doors.


It all started out so well. The app was meant to be a matchmaking music service which created a playlist for users from iTunes, which was based on what musicians they followed on Twitter, and what music was trending.

So what went wrong? Was it constantly suggesting people download One Direction? Was it the fact that people are more likely to tweet about bacon sandwiches and Louise Mensch than discuss their favourite bands? Or was it the fact that project leader Kevin Thau buggered off to work on another Twitter offshoot and never got round to making a version for Android phones?

Whatever happened, despite glowing reviews and reaching number 6 in the App Store chart, Twitter Music slumped to number 1,079, somewhere between iToilet and My Snot Monitor. It is dead, it is kaput, it is an ex-music app.

Will we miss it? Well, we’ve already got Spotify, so OF COURSE NOT.


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