Twitter gives us 'LOLCAT' setting

Cat-lovers are becoming a problem. Thanks to their inability to have children/crippling loneliness, we're all witnessing a cat-infestation online.
Endless and thunderously boring images of felines clog up our world, with owners helpfully saying things like 'Look!', when everyone knows, the only interesting cat is a dead one.
So besotted are cat-fanciers, that they turned these awful moggies into memes, with the infantilisating 'LOLCAT' being prevalent. If you don't know what it is and couldn't work it out from the image on your right, then basically, people find a photo of a cat and write "I eatn FROOT liek NANAS aan ONJIZ" or "PLS sufocat me WITH plastikbag - I fil SOALONE" over the top of them.
And now, Twitter has decided to join in by having 'LOLCAT' as an option in their language settings. SRSLY.
Of course, Google has Klingon support, so Twitter aren't the first arseholes online, and if you're the kind of pussy-humping arsehole that would like to join in with this japefest, you can see what Twitter's 'LOLCAT' option looks like here. Or change it in your settings.


  • jokester
    Anybody who thinks LOLCAT is funny needs serious help. And castration (for the good of the human race).
  • Sprocket d.
    Booooo.... cats.
  • The S.
    Cats have taken a serious hit to their public image with this inane shite which probably started out as an excuse for bad spelling. The pictures are just fine without this completely redundant and stupid pile of crap masquerading as "words"! No self respecting cat would knowingly be associated with this complete and utter bollocks. I know several and they've all threatened to rip my throat out if I should ever deface their digital images with the sense of humour and spelling of a 6 year old (human that is, not cat).

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