Turn your smartphone into a universal remote

20 September 2011

Logitech’s Harmony division have made something that's a bit cool. They've developed something that will turns your smartphone or tablet into a universal remote as the Harmony Link meets the Harmony Link App.

The Harmony Link hardware is a disc that’s placed near your entertainment system and is the link between your new controller and the equipment via your WiFi network. Look!

The Harmony Link App will turn your iPad into a universal remote which enables you to slide through interactive TV listings and let you preview shows before switching channel. Sounds great!

Expect the Harmony Link in stores next month with a $99 RRP. We assume it'll be heading to UK sooner or later as well.


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  • Rich
    His chair only has front legs? How does it stay up?
  • Andrew R.
    Haha @ Rich - almost pissed myself laughing reading that comment. It's actually a miracle, although I do see a shadow in the middle, perhaps it's a three-legged chair?
  • Nick T.
    Ah poop, the video's been removed. :(
  • Rich
    ... obviously realised we were onto their new fangled two legged chair!

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