Turn anything into a touchscreen with world's slimmest keyboard

British boffins have invented a flexible computer keyboard that is as thin as a piece of paper, which means you can turn anything you like into a touchscreen.

Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) claim that their keyboard is the world's thinnest (half a millimeter thick no less), combining the company's fondness for low-power wireless technology and printable, flexible electronics. Have a look in the video below.

Paul Williamson, director of Low Power Wireless at CSR, said: 'The device can do basic text input as well as touch and gesture control, so you can swipe and pinch and zoom, as well as use much more complex gestures,' that people now use many touch screen devices.


  • Chewbacca
    Can't fucking believe that 'X' did/didn't think that 'Q' was [A.S.D/Y]. What did 'X' fucking expect? Probably don't know the difference between [Epsilon and Gamma] The fucking Morons [Morons>Retards] Chewbacca algebra
  • Tweedskin
    How can it turn anything you like into a touchscreen?
  • Ian
    Hey, that's clever - if only the iPad had a touchscreen before...

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