Turn a blind eye to find your perfect search engine

Torn between Google and Bing as your search engine of choice? Haven't used Yahoo since buying a 56K modem? Time to test all three then, with this basic-but-clever blind-test comparison site. There are no complex algorithms to spit out recommendations based on your previous usage - simply try out some searches, pick out the set of returns you prefer most, and see which search engine you chose:

A quick rattle through 20 searches, and we were staggered to discover Yahoo held its own against King of Search Google - both of them returned eight sets of results that best matched what we were after - while Bing returned just four. Again, it's nothing scientific, it exists only to let you form an unbiased opinion on which search engine works best for you. So that's nice.


  • Mike e.
    But the question on everyone's lips is, which one finds the best porn? Changes to 'Do not filter my search results' then realises, still at work, bolox.
  • reel
    Yahoo all the way for everything, plus porn
  • Dino
    And the funny thing is that yahoo is now throwing away their Hadoop powered search for Bing. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/07/29/yahoo_microsoft_search/
  • Eddie
    I agree, Yahoo is best and not only for porn.:) Bing is far behind in terms of delivering relevant results. It's just terrible! I found this amusing: http://justbloodybingit.com/ There's actually a Google search box there and not a Bing one.
  • Seo m.
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  • Yahoo B.
    [...] about Yahoo is Flickr, and the last time anybody used Yahoo for search was to compare it to Bing when Microsoft’s search engine launched. Meanwhile Nokia continues to lose ground the smartphone market, so does such a partnership stand [...]

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