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landlord Pretty much everyone has had a landlord that they've hated. Whether they swiped your deposit for spurious reasons, popped round too frequently and suspiciously or left a huge hole in your ceiling for your 12 month stay, there's always one who gives them all a bad name.

Or they are, for the most part, a dreadful set of chancers who need some comeuppance.

Well, landlords will no doubt be aware that there's a site which aims to call out the good, the bad and the useless. Think TripAdvisor for those looking to rent.

RentalRaters launched formally last week by Hannah Williams who said the notion of owning her own property feels like it's "a long way off", adding; "The main catalyst for me starting up the site was a very good friend of mine was stung very, very badly by a rogue landlord. He said to me – and the words really resonated – 'I just wish that I could stand outside that property and tell other tenants as they’re walking through the door, don’t do it, he will rip you off, nothing works.'

"I just thought it was crazy that we live in this amazing connected world, and yet there isn't an online way of doing that, where you are able to highlight where you've had a fantastic experience, and obviously where you've had a very bad experience."

One immediately good thing about this is that tenants will now be able to check out a landlord before moving to a new place. Of course, tenants go through a number of checks and references are sought, but now, there'll be a way for those looking to rent, to check in the other direction.

What with everyone really keen to review everything these days, Rental Raters should get quite lively and quickly and comparisons to TripAdvisor will give everyone an idea of what the site will be like - a number of fair reviews, loads of hysterical shrieking and some defamation lawsuits.


  • Name
    Nice idea but there are a few problems: - What if the tenant is evil? Landlord has no right of reply - What if the landlord owns multiple properties? - What if you buy a property that already has a bad rating? - There will always be only a few ratings, so a devious landlord could astroturf their property It would be interesting if you could attach the name of the landlord to a rating, although there are possibly legal implications
  • Hannah W.
    Just to answer the points in the above comment; - The landlord absolutely does have a right of reply (they can comment on the review). If the review is untrue they can request we remove it via our takedown policy ( - If the review is out of date (because the property has changed hands, for example) the new landlord can also request we remove the review and can also comment on the review to make it clear that this property is now under new ownership - We're not in the business of rating individual landlords - We can never 100% guarantee that the reviews on will be genuine or accurate (a characteristic we share with every other reviews site). We do however, verify all those who post reviews. Thanks very much. Hannah Williams Founder
  • Jack S.
    Hannah, how do you decide if the review is untrue?
  • Name
    Thanks for the clarifications Hannah! Congratulations on a great service, it would definitely have been useful to me in the past.
  • Ali B.
    This is actually a great idea, well played and for once I will leave a proper comment. Hope the site takes off. Flex with the herb (well almost)
  • Gary
    I once had a tenant who was very abusive towards neighbours, noisy and generally abusing the property. So when their 12 months was up, I lied and said I had family coming to get them to leave, mainly because I didn't want a confrontation with the aggressive so and so's! They moved out, left the place in a bit of a state, but subsequently saw it advertised for rent and started phoning me, giving me grief. I wonder what they'd say on a website like this about me... I'm not sure it's easy to see both sides of the story with this kind of thing.
  • The C.
    I'm a landlord and am quite used to tenants lying to try to get their unreasonable /unrealistic /irresponsible way. Threats of crime and/or violence are no stranger unfortunately. There are good and bad in both camps - but in my experience the tenants have been worse much more often than landlords. So I can't help thinking these reviews are going to be rather unrealistic, and will harm many perfectly good landlords.
  • The C.
    A site rating tenants would provide a long list of unpleasant stories. Sorry but its the truth. I've been threatened with violence, had false criminal reports made, been stalked... Its part of the job, but lets at least be real about it.
  • Hannah W.
    Hi, The Cat There is a site which rates tenants. This is an additional, useful resource for landlords in addition to the credit and reference checks which are usually undertaken as standard. As of this morning, over 40% of reviews on are 4 & 5 star ratings and very positive. The site is a reviews site and reviews are good and bad. Thanks. Hannah Williams

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