Traveloge now offering free WiFi

travelodgeTravelodge may not be the finest place to spend a few nights, but at least now you can ignore your basic surroundings to look at disgusting filth on your smartphones and laptops.

That's because the hotel chain has announced that they're going to now give free WiFi access to customers in 140 of Travelodge Bar Cafés hotels from the 12th September.

"We are always looking at ways to help our customers get even more value for their money whilst staying in one our Travelodge hotels," said Travelodge Chief Executive Guy Parsons.

"Our customer research has highlighted that in today's modern world travellers want internet connectivity whilst on the move, so that they can work and cyber-socialise around the clock, and with the popularity of smartphones reaching an all time high, mobile internet access is becoming more of a necessity in every day life.

"Therefore we have decided to make all of our Bar Cafes a free Wi-Fi hub; enabling our customers to enjoy the benefit of free internet whilst staying with us."

So there you have it. You can "cyber-socialise" 'til you're blue in the nutsack and pretend you're Jason Manford without having to fork out a hefty bill.


  • TimB
    Until you want to work/browse porn from your room, without fighting for a table and plug socket. Then it'll still be £75/MB.
  • Chef R.
    Actually, Best Western have had free WiFi in the all their rooms for quite a while now.
  • grex9101
    De Vere have free wifi in all their hotels too. BW-DO SOME BLOODY RESEARCH!
  • andy y.
    @TimB £10 for 24 hours unlimited.Don't let the facts get in the way dude
  • tin
    Might be an idea if they put some towels in the room, more than one disgruntled overworked bored student on the "reception" and cleaned the blood of the beds before they start fucking around with wifi.

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