TouchPay brings NFC to NatWest and RBS

Natwest-TouchPayThe trend for NFC technology continues with NatWest and RBS kicking off the roll-out of the latest contactless payment service called TouchPay, which will be aimed at iPhone owners.

A small number of customers are trialling the TouchPay system – developed with Visa – and, should it be deemed a success, the technology will be rolled out in "the near future" or something.

"TouchPay has proven incredibly popular and shows that our customers want more flexible and convenient ways to pay. Delivered alongside our updated mobile apps, the TouchPay service means that our customers need only carry their smartphone with them to make payments and manage their finances wherever they are," said Ben Green, head of mobile at RBS.

If you like the idea of this, you'll need an NFC-enabled smartphone cover which is embedded with the chip. Basically, you put the sleeve over your phone and follow on-screen instructions to set-up the service. With the relevant app, you'll be able to buy things for £20 and under.

There is no news on Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone 8 handsets as yet, but it is obviously only a matter of time.


  • Euan
    Because iPhone users totally want ugly grey rubber cases for their swishy phones. Totally.
  • steve
    They have been "trialling" these systems for 10 years, anything that is visa only , or mastercard only , or X bank only will fail.
  • Tim B.
    So...they've released a NFC client....for a phone that doesn't support NFC?
  • Dick
    What is it? No Fucking Cash?
  • GuyInaTux
    So Visa and RBS will allow you to pay by using either an NFC enabled sticker or phone case yet they won't create an Android app to utilise the NFC chip built into certain phones? Where's the logic?
  • Dan
    Ingenious... NFC for a phone with no NFC native support.
  • JonB
    Why don't they just sell an NFC key-fob that you can attach to your keys, phone, pet, etc.?
  • Eneffsee
    Bet they're pissed off with the new larger iPhone 5. All those premade NFC sleeves will soon be useless.
    Another payment method that's only use will be to get from McWindow 1 to McWindow 3 slightly faster.

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