Toshiba celebrates 25th anniversary of first laptop with touchscreen gizmos

toshiba-libretto25 years ago, Toshiba unleashed their first laptop on the world. If you used it now, you would invariably swear yourself hoarse as you banged your fist on its Lego brick keys and wept uncontrollably as it slowly chugged through each painful process.

To celebrate this, Toshiba has unveiled three new mobile computer designs, and they look fun and faddy as fuck.

The company has announced the Libretto W100 which features dual 7in touchscreens, the Portégé R700 is Europe’s slimmest and lightest “full-function” laptop and the AC100 which is a mobile internet device.

So in July, you'll be able to buy the Libretto W100 which looks to cash in on the excitement surrounding Apple's iPad. The Libretto runs Windows 7 and has two 7in touchscreens. This means you can use it like a normal laptop or flip it on its side for dual screen action with the same auto-correcting technology that you have in smartphones.

All three mobile devices were launched to coincide with the 25th anniversary of Toshiba laptops, and the company’s UK marketing director, Matt McDowell, made it clear this was no coincidence. “Hopefully we’ve demonstrated we’re redefining mobile computing again by launching a new era of innovative, smaller form factors.”

So what do you reckon? Gimmicky fluff or ace new toy to play with?



  • Nobby
    > Portégé R700 is Europe’s slimmest and lightest “full-function” laptop I thought we lived in a global economy these days. Is this only available in Europe, or does the rest of the world (the bastards) have better equipment than us?
  • Matt
    Wow, that looks neat! Plus you can wave your USB connectivity and SD slots at all the Ipad fan boys wondering what to delete next from their 16GB HD in order to get the next movie on it :-p
  • Internet T.
    That woman types like a stupido - gives the impression that the touchscreen keyboard is rubbish
  • David
    Exopect it to crash every 2 days, needs updates from Microsoft every 20 minutes and battery life of about an hour and a half. No wonder Apple keep winning.
  • David
    I forgot, and take a full 15 minutes to boot up from cold and the only way to turn it off is to remove the battery!
  • Pheonix
    I really like the form factor of dual screens, however am less thrilled to see Windows 7 on a touchscreen only device (its a desktop OS so it needs a mouse to work properly!) Such a shame that Microsoft killed the Courier Project as that OS would have been ideal for this device, and wouldve blown the ipad out of the water
  • Smiff
    typing looks slow as hell, terrible advert. and if/when this has tactile feedback, it's probably the way all laptops will go.. but not with Win7. base it around Linux with a custom shell.

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