Tories to react to Budget via Google ads

22 April 2009

Even before Eyebrows kicked off his budget speech today, the Conservatives were keen to show that they’ve embraced the idea of getting a political message across in the 21st Century. As Alistair Darling mentions certain key words or phrases during the speech, the Tories will be buying them up as Google keywords.

In a nutshell, if Darling announces a ‘weasel tax’ and you put that phrase into Google, an ad for the Conservative party website will appear on the results page – click on that and, hey ho, you’ll read all about why David Cameron thinks that a weasel tax is an abomination and further proof that we’re all going to die in an economic inferno.

Perhaps it was a stupid idea for the Tories to announce their Google plan in advance. Maybe the government will also join in and buy up the keywords before the Tories get to them. Or maybe it’s all a big plan to con the government into wasting more public money and make them look like a bunch of tits. We’re not sure about anything any more – all we know is we ain’t never paying no weasel tax.



  • Amanda H.
    Weasel tax is an absurd idea. Beaver tax however would hit em where it hurts!
  • Ian
    I'm amazed the Tories know how to turn on a computer.
  • MikeBeaver
    Excuse me Ms Huggins, we will have less talk of Beaver tax, thank you :)

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